The Awarenss Group of Winston-Salem holds four meetings each week. See the Contact Us page to inquire about meetings.

There are meetings in Greensboro as well, and between the two cities there is at least one meeting most days of the week. For a schedule of Greensboro meetings, visit the SAA website (see below).

Phone contact

In addition to attending meetings regularly, we encourage members to stay in contact with other members of the group on a regular and frequent basis. This regular connection with the Program is essential to helping us maintain our sobriety and remain in recovery. It is especially critical for newcomers, who may find the pull of their addiction strong as they seek to break the addiction's stranglehold on their lives.


The International Service Organization (ISO) of SAA conducts business on behalf of the SAA fellowship. With the financial support of SAA members and groups, ISO is able to provide services to the fellowship and coordinate activities for the fellowship. Visit the ISO of SAA website at for more information.

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