When you call or send us a message, one of our experienced members will contact you to respond to your request for information. The member will help you to determine whether SAA is the right place for you and will help you to take that first, most important step on the road to recovery.

We encourage newcomers to commit to attending at least six meetings before deciding whether SAA is where they need to be. The first meeting in particular can be pretty scary, especially if the person is new to 12-Step Programs of Recovery.

You will find that our members are friendly and welcoming to the newcomer. Each of us has been in that place before and we understand the feelings you may be experiencing.

We also encourage newcomers to talk with more experienced members and ask one who has a good deal of sobriety and time in recovery to serve as a temporary sponsor. Sponsorship moves our recovery into action. A sponsor provides guidance and support through the process of stepwork and the experience of withdrawal. A sponsor can be a tremendous help to any recovering sex addict, especially to someone new who is struggling with the fears and anxiety that afflict all of us at times.

Although no one can work our recovery program for us, a sponsor will help to guide and direct the addict in working through the 12 Steps and in applying them to her/his daily life. This Program has given each of us a new lease on life and as one of our members has said, "a life worth living."

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